Schéma EIS ServerThe EIS Server collects, processes and stores all system data in real time, so, it functions as a key system element for all client stations. At the same time it is running environment for the server parts in the system modules. The server mediates tasks for end users, for example, reporting, data analysis, long-term storage and archiving of data, mailing etc. depending on the specific system installation according to the requirements of the client.

The EIS Server receives or actively downloads information from manufacturing lines or sensor equipment and stores the measured values. Individual client applications access this data for processing, evaluating, analysing and publishing.

EIS Server system requirements

Other EIS system components:

  • EIS Terminal – identify users, visualize manufacturing lines, show manufacturing, etc. The resulting solution consists of components according to the individual requirements of the client.
  • EIS Production Manager – management and administration application for monitoring and control of production; generation of statistical summaries, reporting, other.
  • EIS Web Portal – authorized access to current manufacturing data through the web portal
  • ELVAC Historian – solution for long-term storage and archiving of large volumes of data