We offer a hardware connection from your manufacturing line to the EIS system — we can connect, monitor and control almost any technology within the implementation of the EIS system. We supply industrial and special computers, workstations and servers including solutions for unfavourable conditions, as well as special components  for industrial, manufacturing (MES) and control information systems.

  • Connection of the manufacturing line – manufacturing technology can be connected to the EIS system e.g. by an RTU unit (Remote Terminal Unit). We also offer our own solution by means of RTU unity. We are the exclusive representative in the CR of Moxa a multiport communication solutions manufacturer..
  • Terminals – for the connection and delivery of terminals and industrial computers that can be extended with various peripherals (e.g. barcode reader or Dallas chips, industrial printer, etc.) ELVAC produces custom-made industrial computers and solutions from companies it represents in the CR (IEI, ICPDAS etc.)
  • Servers – EIS servers store, process and provide data to third parties. The parameters and the type of server depend on the size of the EIS system (number of terminals, data volume) and the location (manufacturing hall, air-conditioned room).
  • Information displays – EIS system data can be shown in an easy-to-orientate form on InfoPanels information displays.


EIS Hardware