By implementing EIS into Valeo autoklimatizace k.s. the whole manufacturing process was automated with easy-to-orientate resulting  data. EIS collects manufacturing data in the stated workplaces, which is consequently processed and fed back to both operators and management.

For individual operators, the actual summary of the status of the production is essential. The speed of maintenance intervention can also be evaluated in the case of failure of individual presses. Manufacturing reports are vital for the management and are available immediately after termination of a shift.

Valeo autoklimatizace k.s. is a member of the supra-national concern Valeo, which is focused on the design, manufacturing and sale of systems, modules and components for the automotive industry. Valeo autoklimatizace k.s. in Rakovník has almost 1,000 employees and produces heating and air-conditioning units and control panels for car makers such as (Škoda, Audi, VW, SAAB, BMW etc.)

Valeo autoklimatizace