In Bekaert Slovakia we implemented a combination of the EIS system and InfoPanels. The system expands and completes the Database Automation system (Bekaert internal solution), which collects real time information from the machines through a PLC controller. VAS consequently collects, processes, sorts and redistributes the information in the form of graphic data presentation from the manufacturing from individual branches of Bekaert Slovakia s.r.o. and Bekaert Hlohovec a.s.

The input interface is implemented in the form of ASP.NET web pages, which run on the IIS (Internet Information Services) platform and enable easy merging into one portal. The management can then easily monitor actual manufacturing data and the overall efficiency of manufacturing equipment (OEE) etc. directly from the Internet browser. Multi-language reports are displayed in the InfoPanels system (panels in the manufacturing, canteens, etc.), and separately on the web for the requirements of the managers. The InfoPanels system also displays presentations, news, operating changes, results of operating units, events and other news.

Bekaert Slovakia

Supra-national company Bekaert is a major company in the area of steel wire processing and employs over 27,000 people worldwide. Bekaert Slovakia with its enterprises in Hlohovec and Sládkovičovo, specializes in the production of wire materials for the building industry and cords for tyres.