Schéma EIS TerminaluEIS Terminal is a solution which ensures various functions:

  • recording – user interface for manual input of data from manufacturing (standard and touch control options), display of employees and employee profiles in the stated manufacturing segment, collection of data from the connected technology (manufacturing lines, barcode readers, monitoring of warehouse inventories, etc.
  • monitoring – visualization of manufacturing processes (lines), monitoring of products (traceability) and the overall efficiency of the equipment (OEE), display of the manufacturing status, error rate, efficiency, polyvalence, loading, manufacturing plan etc.
  • management – of production planning, user identification, display of information messages from management, checking the settings for the manufacturing process, management of orders, printing of barcode labels and consequent checking.

The application consists of terminal components custom incorporated into the final solution according to the requirements of the client. In this manner, a high level of specialization can be achieved according to the environment in which the EIS Terminal is installed and operated. The application is optimised for wall touch operation and standard LCD displays and tablets.

System requirements EIS Terminal.

Other EIS system components:

  • EIS Server – ensures the collection, processing and storage of data in the whole system
  • EIS Production Manager – management and administration application for monitoring and control of production; generation of statistical summaries, reporting, other.
  • EIS Web Portal – authorized access to current manufacturing data through the web portal
  • ELVAC Historian – solution for long-term storage and archiving of large volumes of data