Schéma EIS Web PortalEIS Web Portal ensures access to data and operations for all system users according to assigned user rights. The user interface is similar to the EIS Production Manager user interface and enables access to the following functions:

  • manufacturing information – easy-to-orientate display on manufacturing progress and results, errors, maintenance and idle time on the manufacturing lines, monitoring of products (traceability) and warehouse inventories, recording scrap
  • performance measurement – key performance indexes (Key Performance Indicator or KPI) for better manufacturing planning, overall efficiency of equipment (OEE) etc.
  • recording units – option to insert information on the number of processed items per unit of time
  • report generation – user-defined analysis, reports and manufacturing statistics
  • printing reports
  • and further advanced functions


System requirements EIS Terminal.

Other EIS system components:

  • EIS Server – ensures the collection, processing and storage of data in the whole system
  • EIS Terminal – identify users, visualize manufacturing lines, show manufacturing, etc. The resulting solution consists of components according to the individual requirements of the client.
  • EIS Production Manager – management and administration application for monitoring and control of production; generation of statistical summaries, reporting, other.
  • ELVAC Historian – solution for long-term storage and archiving of large volumes of data